MishMash XP

MishMash XP (express) is based on MishMash+ engine. It is designed to simplify user experience and focus on different web sites that offers beautiful images.

It also allows you to use your photos albums to create puzzles.


  • Create puzzles with your own photos
  • Solve random puzzle made out of different sources (Flickr, 500px, etc)
  • Pick the puzzle size you prefer along many options
  • Keep only images you like to create a puzzle
  • Review puzzle progress
  • Quick overview of images to rebuild
  • Works on iPad and iPhone

Images Sources

Here is a list of web sites MishMash is using to create puzzles


MishMash is offereing the ability to create a featured section made of a collection of images that can serve different purposes.

For example, it can be use to promote an event or a tourist site.

Contact us to learn more and to get details.